ACCLIM project (2006-2010)

A proper and timely adaptation to climate change and its impacts should be based on the best available knowledge on the current and future climate. The objectives of the ACCLIM II project are:

  •  to broaden climate information basis available for the Finland's Research Programme on Adaptation to Climate Change (ISTO)

  • to ensure compatibility of climatic scenarios between the ISTO-projects

The main activities of ACCLIM are:

  • calculation of the return periods of extreme weather events from observations and model simulations

  • analysis of state-of-art global and regional climate model simulations to produce climate scenarios

  • production of probabilistic estimates of changes in climate over Finland

  • provision of guidance in the use of climate information in climate change impacts and adaptation research

The project partners of ACCLIM are the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the University of Helsinki - Department of Physics and the Finnish Environment Institute. The results of the research will be published, e.g. in the web, reports, and refereed articles. The results can be exploited in climate change impact and adaptation studies for several sectors of the Finnish society, e.g., agriculture and forestry, construction and energy industry, public health, transport and rescue services.

ACCLIM publications

Contact information: Research scientist Kirsti Jylhä Tel: +358 9 1929 4125 Email: