Weather and Climate Change Impact Research

The Weather and Climate Change Impact Research unit has four research groups: Extreme Weather and Climate Change, Climate Change and Future Cities, Applications of Weather and Climate Information, and Climate Change and Innovation Research. The staff consists of about 35 experts. The unit publishes the FMI’s monthly and yearly climate bulletins in Finnish and the FMI’s Climate Bulletin Research Letters in English. It also is responsible for revising and maintaining the web portal.

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

The aim of the group is to develop the modelling of risks of extreme weather and to improve the management of these risks in the different sectors of the society. With its research, the group enables the improvement of the predictability of the impacts of extreme weather phenomena both in the current and future climate.

Group Leader: Dr. Anna Luomaranta, tel. +358 50 383 5358

Climate Change and Future Cities

Together with its partners the group develops weather and climate resilient solutions for present and future cities, which support climate neutrality. The group researches the urban environment and its development, considering also societal aspects.

Group Leader: Dr. Thomas Kühn, tel. +358 50 521 8291

Applications of Weather and Climate Information

The group supports the functionality of society in changing weather and climate conditions. The group has expertise on natural environment and health, and raises climate awareness through climate communication activities. To stakeholders and society in general it provides data and map services as part of the FMI’s services.

Group Leader: Dr. Heikki Tuomenvirta, tel. +358 29 539 4122

Climate Change and Innovation Research

The focus of the group is on reconciling climate change and innovation-oriented research with predictions and views of the future foresight studies. The group examines impacts of weather and climate change for mitigation and adaptation policies and efforts, with emphasis on the economic dimension.

Group Leader: Dr. Eeva Kuntsi-Reunanen, tel. +358 29 539 5323

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