Finnish Antarctic Research Program FINNARP

The FINNARP (Finnish Antarctic research program) operations office is responsible for the logistics and maintenance of Aboa.

FINNARP operates in connection with the Finnish Meteorological Institute under the Ministry of Transport and Communications. FINNARP's main responsibilities are to carry out Finnish Antarctic research activities in accordance with the Finnish Antarctic Strategy, to maintain Aboa, arrange field research and supervise that both national and international law and obligations are complied with. In addition, FINNARP manages travelling expenses, transportation and health care of Antarctic expeditioners to Aboa and other destinations.

The fieldwork in the Antarctic is usually carried out at Aboa and from there to other areas in the western Dronning Maud Land. In addition, FINNARP arranges working facilities in the research stations or vessels of other countries.

The authority responsible for Finnish Antarctic research is the Ministry of Education. The Academy of Finland, an agency of the Ministry of Education and Culture, is the main financier of Antarctic research projects. 

Since 1998 the Academy of Finland has organized regular calls for Antarctic research. Presently the call for applications is issued every fourth year. The most recent application round was organized in 2020, when a total of 2,5 million euros was granted to research projects. Higher education institutes and research institutes also promote Antarctic research with their own funding. There are additionally many other national and international sources of funding that can be utilized in Antarctic research. 

See here The Research Council of Finland's funding decisions for Antarctic research in 2020.

Scientist flying a drone on a glacer close to the Aboa station.
Scientist flying a drone on a glacer close to the Aboa station. Photo: Pasi Ylirisku/ FINNARP