Meteorological Research

The unit consists of four research groups with a staff of approximately 50 persons. The main research topics are: numerical weather prediction, meteorological research applications, remote sensing and radar applications, as well as polar meteorology and climatology.

Numerical Weather Prediction

The Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Group maintains and monitors a regional high resolution numerical weather prediction system as well as carries out related research, particularly in the context of the international HIRLAM consortium. The NWP-system is capable of predicting the weather over Finland and Europe for about two days ahead. The predictions are utilised in the public weather service and as a basis for many specialized forecasts needed for safe aviation, shipping and traffic on roads and rail. Additionally, they are used when forecasting air quality and dispersion of pollutants. The regional numerical weather prediction system is complementary to global systems operated in international cooperation.

Head: PhD Carl Fortelius, phone +358 29 539 4130

Meteorological Research Applications

The Meteorological Research Applications Group performs research and develops meteorological methods (e.g. probabilistic forecasts), specific weather forecasting systems (e.g. road weather) and forecast verification methods. The group also participates in the development of methods for environmental research and monitoring. In addition, the group is involved in the development of telematic services (intelligent traffic), postprocessing as well as in wind and solar energy related surveys and research.

Head: Research Professor Anders Lindfors, phone +358 29 539 2112

Satellite and Radar Applications

The group specializes in satellite and radar applications. We focus on satellite- and radar-based estimation of various quantities describing the Earth's surface and weather, such as surface albedo, the radiative energy budget, falling and accumulated snow, and cloudiness parameters. The results can be applied in numerical weather prediction, weather services and climate research, for example in the speciality areas of solar energy forecasting and aviation support. In addition to our research, we are also active in international research-related networks as well as training and outreach events.

Head: Research Professor Aku Riihelä, phone +358 29 539 4152

Polar Meteorology and Climatology

The Polar Meteorology and Climatology Group studies meteorology, ice, snow and the oceans in high-latitudes. The objectives are to better understand physical processes and intearctions in the climate system and to further develop methods for weather and climate modelling, including monthly to seasonal forecasting. The research in the group is based on field work in the Arctic and Antarctic, data analyses, and numerical modelling.

Head: Docent Tiina Nygård , phone +358 29 539 3103