Climate Scenarios for Sectoral Research (SETUKLIM)

A two-year research project Climate Scenarios for Sectoral Research (SETUKLIM) was started in March 2011. The project was chosen by the advisory board for Sectoral Research as a part of SETUILMU research programme, which aims to support climate-oriented policy-making in Finland. The project is funded by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland.

The research project will produce information on climate change and climate variability. Its main goals are:

  • based on the most recent (CMIP5) climate model simulations, to collect a database which enables the production of climate scenarios for Finland and, if necessary, other areas of interest;

  • to estimate the frequency distribution of low and high temperatures in the future;

  • to develop methods and to estimate variability in the water level at the Finnish coast and probabilities of extreme situations in the future;

  • to collect and produce estimates on e.g. changes in short-lived downpours and heavy snowfall in the future.

SETUKLIM has continued the work done, e.g. in ACCLIM project, on producing change estimates of climate variables and expert services for climate-change research. The results of the project will be disseminated on this website, in scientific journals and presentations, and on web portal, which facilitates in the understanding of climate-change-related phenomena and discerning information. 

The project is conducted by: The Climate Change Research unit at the Finnish Meteorological Institute and University of Helsinki, Department of Physics, Atmospheric Sciences  

Contact details

Heikki Tuomenvirta Finnish Meteorological Institute Socio-Economic Impacts of Climate and Weather P.O.Box 503, FI-00101 Helsinki email

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