Marine research

The Marine Research Unit at the FMI is responsible for physical oceanography and sea ice research in Finland. Our research is based on national and international cooperation and includes the study of sea ice, surface waves and sea level as well as ocean hydrography and circulation.

CTD measurements on partially ice-covered sea.
Winter-time CTD observations. Photo: Jari Haapala

Research areas

  • Examine the variability and change of the ice covered seas and the role of sea ice in the climate system

  • Investigate ocean-atmosphere interactions and the role of ocean on global greenhouse balance

  • Study the impact of marine physical changes on ecosystem and society

  • Develop tools for safe and efficient shipping, coastal management and marine forecasting

The Marine Research Unit examines the ocean and sea-ice processes in the Baltic Sea and in the polar oceans, and carries out research to understand how they interact with the climate. This research creates the foundation for developing and improving forecasts and operative models and services. This, in turn, will lead to safer sea transport in the Baltic Sea and helps to prevent damage to the environment. We are working closely together with the private and public sectors to develop marine and coastal solutions for sustainable society and economy. FMI Marine Research Unit is also responsible for physical oceanography in Finnish Marine Research Infrastructure FINMARI.

The Marine Research Unit consists of three groups focusing on