The Finnish Meteorological Institute's open data

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has made its data sets freely available for public use. The data sets are available in machine-readable, digital format. There are also some computer programs developed at the Institute that have released as open-source code.

Through the Open Data services it is possible to download the Institute's data sets in machine-readable format free of charge.

Through the Open Data services of the Finnish Meteorological Institute it is possible to search for, browse and download the Institute's data sets in machine-readable format free of charge.

The technical implementation of the online service complies with the requirements laid down in the INSPIRE Directive. The content of the service is wider than that defined in the INSPIRE Directive. The search service will share the open data according to the Open Geospatial Consortium standards. Additional information: Open Geospatial Consortium

Use of data requires license agreement

User of Open data online service must accept the license for open data before downloading data. Use of the service does not require registration.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute develops its online service on the basis of user needs and feedback.

Services associated with the data sets

If a customer wants the Finnish Meteorological Institute to search for and supply data sets to the customer, the Institute charges the customer for delivering the data. A fee is also charged for the tailoring of data sets, for the provision of services and for the use of data sets other than those made available now. The Finnish Meteorological Institute's rates are based on the Decree of the Ministry of Transport and Communications concerning the Finnish Meteorological Institute's charges for services and on the Act and Decree on Criteria for Charges Payable to the State.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute provides advice and consultancy pertaining to the data sets. Help and advice are available, for instance, about the use and processing of open data.

No fee is charged for the Finnish Meteorological Institute's basic weather services

The conventional weather services and warning services intended for the general public are always free of charge. Our website,, continues to provide high-quality weather services to everyone. We also strive to develop our weather services according to users' wishes. Weather forecasts and warnings are also available on smartphones free of charge.

Additional information: Questions about open data can be sent on the Open data support- form available on our website.