The Finnish Meteorological Institute's open data

The majority of the Finnish Meteorological Institute's data is available as open data. The data is in a machine-readable, digital format.

Through the Open Data service it is possible to download the Institute's data sets in machine-readable format free of charge.

Through the open data interface, datasets produced by the Finnish Meteorological Institute can be downloaded in machine-readable format free of charge. Some technical skills are needed for downloading data, and knowledge on meteorology is also necessary for using the data. Read through the publicly available materials.

You can also download weather, sea and air quality observations through the user interface on the website.

In addition to the data produced by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the open data service also includes Fintraffic's road weather observations, measurements by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority and measurements of air quality in municipalities.

Data-related services

The Finnish Meteorological Institute offers data-related advice and consulting services that are subject to a fee. Assistance and advice are available on the use and processing of open data and on other related matters. Get in touch.

If a customer wants the Finnish Meteorological Institute to search for and supply data sets to the customer, the Institute charges the customer for delivering the data. A fee is also charged for the tailoring of data sets, for the provision of services and for the use of data sets other than those made available now.

Frequently asked questions about FMI´s open data