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The Finnish Meteorological Institute is responsible for the content and maintenance of the Institute's web service. The information contained therein is provided by dozens of experts working at the Institute.

Conditions of use for the Finnish Meteorological Institute's website

The Finnish Meteorological Institute's Internet website contains copyright-protected materials. Except for the exceptions noted in these conditions of use, the content of the web pages, or portions of them, may not be distributed, published, transferred or copied in any form without the written permission of the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

The use of the pages and the information contained within them for private and non-commercial purposes, teaching and research, as well as press releases disseminated publicly, is allowed subject to the condition that source of the information is always credited in connection with its use.

The updateable weather and climate information contained within the Finnish Meteorological Institute's online service may not be detached or copied from the website to other online services or applications. Because the use taking place over the Internet is always public, not private, the detachment or copying of information from the Finnish Meteorological Institute's online service is prohibited, even for non-commercial purposes.

Weather services tailored for customers' own online services can be ordered from the Finnish Meteorological Institute's Customer Services.

Use of privacy protection and cookies on this website

According to the Act on Data Protection in Electronic Communications (15 June 2004 No. 516/2004) and particularly its 1st, 7th and 9th paragraphs in Chapter 1, the cookies used by this website do not violate the privacy protection of the users of the service. Cookies are used, for example, to clarify the type and volumes of the services used for geodetic and research purposes. In cookie verifications it is however not possible to connect, or attempt to link, the cookie recognition information to any kind of the website user's personal or contact information, nor do the cookies facilitate the viewing or copying of information stored on recording devices - such as hard disks - in the user's machine. If desired, the reception of cookies can be disabled from the user's Internet browser, but this may impair the functionality of the pages and is therefore not recommended.

Links to the Finnish Meteorological Institute's online service

The Finnish Meteorological Institute's web pages can be linked freely from other online services.

RSS web feeds in the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s web service

Data published as web feeds (RSS) in the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s web service can be used freely provided that the source is mentioned.

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