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The Finnish Meteorological Institute's online service offers services and research information on weather, climate, space and seas among other things.

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Terms and conditions of the Finnish Meteorological Institute's online service

The website of the Finnish Meteorological Institute contains copyrighted material. The ownership of the contents of the website as well as the copyright and all other intellectual property rights related to the material contained on the website belong to the Finnish Meteorological Institute or other right holders. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

The contents of the website or any part thereof may not be distributed, published, transferred or copied in any form without the prior written permission of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, excluding exceptions expressly provided in these Terms of Use.

The use of the pages and the information contained therein is permitted for private and non-commercial purposes, and teaching and research purposes; the use of press releases for public communications is permitted, provided that the source of the information is mentioned when it is used.

The updated weather and climate information of the Finnish Meteorological Institute's online service may not be extracted or copied from the website for other online services or applications. Use on the Internet is always public, not private, so extracting or copying data from the Finnish Meteorological Institute's online service may not be done even for non-commercial purposes.

Weather services tailored to your online service can be ordered from the Finnish Meteorological Institute's Customer service.

Linking to the Finnish Meteorological Institute's online service

The website of the Finnish Meteorological Institute can be freely linked to other online services. When linking, it is polite to inform the user that the link will take the user to the Finnish Meteorological Institute's online service.

Using cookies and site extensions

In accordance with the paragraph 205 of the Act on Electronic Communications Services (917 / 2014), cookie files used on this website are only used and stored in accordance with the user's consent to the extent required by the service and without limitation to the user's privacy protection more than is necessary.

A cookie is a small text file sent to the user's computer and kept there. Cookies do not damage users' computers or files. On this website, cookies are used, for example, for assessment and research purposes to determine the type and extent of use of the service. However, cookie identification cannot and does not attempt to merge cookie credentials with any personal or contact information of a site user, and cookies do not allow viewing or copying data from a user's storage device, such as a hard disk.

Users may opt to not permit cookies on their internet browser although this may cause pages to fail to load and is not recommended.

Web service site extensions and their uses:

Google Analytics - visitor tracking (discontinued 19.9.2022)

Google Custom Search Engine - site search

React & Share reaction buttons - follow-up of visitors' comments (only on some of the sites in Finnish) and social media link sharing service

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Google Privacy Policy

User tracking in the Weather app

The information we collect on the use of the application is used only to improve the technical functionality of the application, and to improve and report on the content.

We use the Firebase service provided by Google for tracking purposes. User information is forwarded to Firebase so that the person cannot be identified. It is possible to block guest tracking in the app on the Settings tab.

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