High-quality research for supporting decision-making

The Finnish Meteorological Institute conducts internationally high-quality science, the results of which are applied in society.

Three research fields of the FMI: Meteorological research, Climate research and Space centre.

We produce researched and verified information to support decision-making. In addition to measurements, our work involves the use of scientific calculation models that make use of supercomputers.

Research fields of the Finnish Meteorological Institute

  • Meteorological research. Information on weather phenomena and their behaviour, the development of temporal and local accuracy of weather forecasts, information on the development of weather phenomena in northern regions.

  • Marine research. Research on the physical characteristics of the sea, i.e. water levels, waves and ice, information on the seas’ role in climate change, information on the seas in the northern regions and the changes that take place on these seas (e.g. changes in arctic ice)

  • Impact study on weather and climate change. Information on the connection between climate change and extreme weather phenomena, adaptation needs, the economic and social impacts of climate change, the development of seasonal forecasts.

  • Climate research. Information on the climate system and its changes, the development of climate change, carbon circulation (e.g. carbon sinks), climate model driving in the northern regions and the development of models to provide more detailed information on the regional impacts of climate change.

  • Research on the composition of the atmosphere. Information on air quality and small particles in the atmosphere.

  • Remote sensing research. Development of satellite findings and methods, e.g. for measuring air quality and greenhouse gases.

  • Space research and the development of observation technology. Information on near‑Earth space (e.g. humidity and atmospheric pressure measurements on Mars), space weather research, e.g. to support aviation security, the development of satellite services, the reception, processing and archiving of satellite data.

Science news

FMI's researchers publish over 400 peer-reviewed articles annually.

Science news cover recent FMI studies on weather, sea, climate and space. Read science news and articles about the latest research on the news archive.