Open Science at FMI

Openness is one of the defining characteristics of modern science. Open science crusade has been unfolding extensively over the past years to improve the credibility and reproducibility of science. Key domains of open practices include publishing open access and publicly sharing data and software.

Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) is committed to promoting the Open Science principles and good practices at our institute, opening, whenever is possible, the entire research process by enabling the reuse of all publicly funded FMI research output.

FMI encourages its researchers to seek and improve their knowledge in Open Science practices. To support this development, FMI provides its researchers the tools and proper training to build appropriate skill sets on Open Science. Researchers – both young and venerable - need infrastructure, support, and time to implement Open Science principles into their work.

On this page we describe the FMI’s services for open access to data, publications and software developed, based on the national and EU recommendations as well as funding agencies.