Climate System Research

Climate change, carbon sinks and greenhouse gases are central research topics of the Climate System Research Unit.

  • In Climate System Modelling, we produce scenarios of climate change for several purposes and participate in the preparation of the scenarios for the Sixth Assessment Report of the IPCC specializing in aerosol impacts.

  • In Carbon Cycle research, we develop models of vegetation and soil for the purposes of climate change research and carbon sink verification, develop means to enhance carbon sequestration and participate in the preparation of the global methane budget of the Global Carbon Project.

  • In Greenhouse Gas research, we study the atmosphere, soil and water bodies, take responsibility of the Finnish Meteorological Institute's measurements in the European Carbon Observatory System ICOS and calibrate others' ICOS measurements across Europe using our mobile laboratory.

  • More information on the pages of the groups: Climate System Modelling, Carbon Cycle and Greenhouse Gases.

The profile picture of Climate system research unit. The picture holds the atmosphere, a forest and a swamp that reflect the research subjects of the unit.

Photo: Konsta Punkka