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Atmospheric composition research

Atmospheric composition research unit studies and observes the physical and chemical properties of aerosol particles and trace gases effecting to climate and air quality.

Pallas Global Atmosphere Watch station


The main research themes are

  • Physical properties, composition, and chemical transformation of fine particles
  • Organic compounds in the atmosphere and their analysis methods
  • Development of air quality models and model validation


Other activities of the unit are

  • Implementation of international air quality monitoring programmes
  • Maintaining the national air quality reference laboratory
  • Development and maintenance of the national air quality portal
  • ACTRIS-activities of the Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • Maintenance of research stations in Finland and strategic sites in foreign countries



Continuous measurements of aerosols and greenhouse gases by FMI


Geographical distribution of CO2 emissions from ships in the Baltic Sea area during year 2011. The automatic position reports from ships' navigational systems were used to describe the ship activity. The data was provided by the European Maritime Safety Agency.

Particulate pollution measurements at foothills of Himalaya in India, collaboration between FMI and Indian The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)



Contact information

Head of Unit
Hannele Hakola
tel. +358 29 539 5512
Atmospheric aerosols:
Head of Group Antti Hyvärinen
tel. +358 29 539 5444
Air Quality:
Head of Group Heidi Hellén
tel. +358 29 539 5481
Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling:
Head of Group Ari Karppinen
tel. +358 29 539 5453
email: forename.surname@fmi.fi
fax +358 29 539 5403


Pallas Atmosphere-Ecosystem Supersite

Air Quality in Finland

ACTRIS Research Infrastructure

SILAM-dispersion model

Helsinki Urban Climate Observation Network

MAKESENS application for trend calculation

Air Quality Expert Services