ICOS Mobile laboratory

ICOS Mobile laboratory on the way to the Jungfraujoch station (Switzerland). Photo: Hermanni Aaltonen

The greenhouse gases group operates mobile laboratory (MobileLab) under the ICOS Atmosphere thematic center. The purpose of the MobileLab is to perform audit visits to the ICOS atmosphere stations for parallel measurements to maintain the measurement compatibility between the stations and assure high quality.

The MobileLab is is equipped with Picarro G2401, Picarro G5310 and Ecotech Spectronus FTIR instruments for CO₂, CH₄, CO and N₂O measurements. In addition the MobileLab carries a set of standard cylinders for intrument calibration and cylinder cross-comparison measurements.

During an audit visit, the MobileLab instruments are measuring the same ambient sample as the local station instruments for about 6 weeks, in order to get a comprehensive comparison dataset. In addition the standard cylinders of the station are measured by the MobileLab instruments and the Mobile lab cylinders with the station instrument(s). These experiments together should reveal any issues in the measurement quality at the station and assure that the measurements between different ICOS stations are highly comparable. During audit visit, the MobileLab personnell also ensure that the station set-up and operation comply with the ICOS requirements.

ICOS Mobile laboratory running at Saclay (France). Photo: Hermanni Aaltonen