Projects and networks

Ongoing projects

Center of Excellence

The GHG-research group is currently part of one center of Excellence

EU-, international and Academy of Finland projects

  • Mechanisms, pathways and patchiness of the Arctic ecosystem responses and adaptation to changing climate (ClimEco) (2018-2020, funded by the Academy of Finland and RFBR, Russia)

  • Readiness of ICOS for Necessities of Integrated Global Observations (RINGO) improving scientific, geographical, technological, data as well as political and administrative readiness of ICOS (2017-2021, EU H2020)

  • Role of upland forest soils in regional methane balance: from catchment to global scales (UPFORMET) (2017-2021, funded by the Academy of Finland)

  • Carbon dynamics in Arctic: past, present and future (CAPTURE) (2016-2020, funded by the Academy of Finland)

  • Carbon Balance under Changing Processes of Arctic and Subarctic Cryosphere (Carb-ARC) (2015-2018, funded by the Academy of Finland)

Monitoring networks

  • Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS, ICOS-Finland)

  • Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW), World Meteorological Organisation co-operative monitoring programme

  • EMEP (European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme), United Nations co-operative Programme for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Long-range Transmission of Air Pollutants in Europe

  • AMAP (the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme)

  • INAR RI Ecosystems (Integrated Atmospheric and Earth System Science Research Infrastructure - Ecosystems)

  • AnaEE Suomi (Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems)

  • FinLTSER (Finnish Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research network) /LTER /eLTER

  • Global Cryosphere Watch (GCW)

National projects

  • Improving the ecosystem services of nutrient-rich forestry-drained peatlands by adjusting the ground water level (Runsasravinteisten suometsien ekosysteemipalveluiden parantaminen pohjaveden pintaa säätelemällä, VESI-KHK) (Nessling foundation, 2015-2017)

COST(European Cooperation in Science and Technology)

Current and previous projects

  • ES0804: Advancing the Integrated Monitoring of Trace Gas Exchange between Biosphere and Atmosphere (ABBA), 2009-2013

  • ES0902: Permafrost and gas hydrate related methane release in the Arctic and impact on climate change: European cooperation for long-term monitoring (PERGAMON), 2010-2014 

Previous projects

  • MONIMET is a EU-Life+ project about Climate Change Indicators and Vulnerability of Boreal Zone Applying Innovative Observation and Modeling Techniques (2013-2017)

  • Greenhouse gas, aerosol and albedo variations in the changing Arctic (2013-2017, funded by the Academy of Finland)

  • Atmospheric Composition and Processes relevant to climate change in ANTarctica (ACPANT) (2013-2017, funded by the Academy of Finland)

  • Eclaire, Effects of Climate Change on Air Pollution and Response Strategies for European Ecosystems, 2011-2015

  • I3 Research Infrastructure project: Integrated non-CO2 Greenhouse gas Observation System, InGOS, 2011-2015

  • Collaborative research project: Effects of Climate Change on Air Pollution Impacts and Response Strategies for European Ecosystems ECLAIRE, 2011-2015

  • Collaborative research project: Changing Permafrost in the Arctic and its Global Effects in the 21st Century, 2011-2015

  • The impact of soil nutrient status on carbon dynamics in forested peatlands - combining continuous flux measurements and isotopic methods (Maan ravinteisuuden vaikutus metsäojitetun suon hiilen kiertoon - jatkuvatoimisten vuomittausten ja isotooppimenetelmien yhdistäminen) (Nessling foundation, 2010-2013)

  • GOSAT RA2 research project "CO2 Balances using Remote Sensing, FTIR spectroscopy, In Situ Measurements and Earth System Modeling", 2009-2014

  • Integrated project GHG-Europe, "Greenhouse gas management in European land use systems", 2010-2013

  • European Commission Life+ project 'SnowCarbo', 2009-2012

  • Integrated Infrastructure Initiative project IMECC, Infrastructure for Measurements of the European Carbon Cycle, 2007-2011

  • Integrated project GEOMON, Global Earth Observation and Monitoring of the Atmosphere, 2007-2011

  • NITROEUROPE, 2006-2011

  • EUROHYDROS, A European Network for Atmospheric Hydrogen observations and studies, 2006-2008

  • CARBOEUROPE Carbon balance of Europe, European Commission DG Research 6th Framework Programme, 2004-2009

  • Meth-MonitEUr Methane Monitoring in the European Region, European Commission DG Research 5th Framework Programme, 2003-2005

  • TURVE, CO2 balance over forested peatlands (2002-2004)

  • Mikrometkaa, Greenhouse gas flux measurements at landfill sites (TEKES Streams Research Programme, 2003-2004)

  • CARBOEUROFLUX, 2000-2003

  • Agricultural soils as a sink and source of greenhouse gases: A research consortium (AGROGAS) in Finnish Global Change Research Programme FIGARE (1999-2002, funded by the Academy of Finlad)

  • BIPHOREP, Biogenic VOC emissions and photochemistry in the boreal regions of Europe, 1996-98

  • LAPP (Land Arctic Physical Processes), 1996-1999

Previous Centers of Excellence:

  • Nordic Center of Excellence: "DEFROST: Impacts of a changing cryosphere - depiciting ecosystem-climate feedbacks from permafrost, snow and ice" (2010-2015)

  • Finnish Centre of Excellence (FCoE) in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Meteorology of Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change (2008–2013)

  • ACCENT/BIAFLUX Joint research programme on Biosphere-atmosphere exchange of pollutants (2004-2008)

  • BACCI Nordic Centre of Excellence to study Biosphere - Aerosol - Cloud - Climate Interactions (2003-2007)

  • NECC Nordic Centre of Excellence to study Ecosystem Carbon Exchange and its Interactions with the Climate System (2003-2007)

  • Research Unit on Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change, Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in Research (2002-2007)