CV Hilppa Gregow

Title Head of Unit (Weather and Climate Change Impact Research)
Postal address Finnish Meteorological Institute, P.O.Box 503, 00101 HELSINKI
Street address Erik Palménin aukio 1, FI-00560 HELSINKI

Fields of expertise

  • Extreme weather and storm research

  • Climate change impact research

  • Weather and long-range forecasting

  • Climate change service development


  • FI-KOKOSOPU (2021–2022) (funded by VNTEAS) Creating an overall assessment of implementation of adaptation policy in Finland. (FMI, supervisor role and linking to SUOMI project)

  • FI-CLIMCOMP (2021–2024) (funded by Academy of Finland) Learning of the competencies of effective climate change mitigation and adaptation in the education system (FMI PI)

  • FI-ACCC Flagship (2020–2024) funded by Academy of Finland) Leading Climate Change Impact theme (Adaptation and Climate Risk Management) in the Flagship

  • FI-SUOMI (2020–2022) Synthesis of all Adaptation work conducted in Finland during the past (2005–2020) and developing solutions to improve this in the future as part of an operational risk management and adaptation support service for Finland (Coordinator, FMI)

  • FI-SA VECLIMIT (2020–2023) (funded by Academy of Finland) Investigating climate change impact of vector-borne diseases and tick and designing climate data for the investigations (FMI PI)

University and other degrees

  • Certified Process Lead 2021 (Alma Talent)

  • Research Professor 2021, FMI

  • Docent 2017 (in meteorology with focus on climate change impacts and risks, UEF)

  • Executive manager 2015 (Aalto JOKO Executive)

  • Product developer and innovation lead 2013 (product/process co-designed for icebreaker and energy need forecasting for decision making, RASTOR)

  • Media and communication skills 1999 (YLE-TV), 2003 (MTV), 2010 (Leena Brandt), 2014 (Kalle Siira)

  • PhD 2013 in meteorology with focus on climate change risks and impacts to forestry (UEF)

  • Coach 2011 in leadership

  • MSc 1999 in meteorology specializing in high-resolution modelling of storm winds (UH)

Previous professional appointments

  • 2018–2021: Head of Unit, Weather and Climate Change Impact Research, FMI

  • 2014–2017: Head of Unit, Climate Service Centre, FMI

  • 2011–2013: Group leader, Climate Research and Applications, FMI

  • 1999–2010: YLE tv-meteorologist

  • 1994–2010: various research and service duties, FMI

Other professional activities

  • Member of advisory board – LIFE PROMO (2021–)

  • Vice Chair of KoliForum ExCom (2021–)

  • Chief Editor, Climate Bulletin and Climate Bulletin Research Letters of FMI (2019–)

  • Member of iClimate advisory board (2019–)

  • Co-chair in European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA) High Impact Events (2017–)

  • Member of working group for adaptation, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (12.3.2015–)

List of publications