Climate Change and Society

Weather and climate have a great importance in supporting many of the vital functions in society. They pose risks which different actors in society must manage. The risks posed by, and opportunities provided by, weather and climate can be assessed based on the results of weather observations and atmospheric models. Analysis is further complicated by the changing climate which must be incorporated in long-term planning processes.

Map: Climate Change and Society Group Photo: Emilia Mänttäri

Our group, Climate Change and Society, pertains to weather and climate using a combination of natural and social science research.

The main research areas of our group are:

  • Assessment of risks related to weather and climate 

  • Socio-economic impacts of weather and climate

  • Assessment of climate-change adaptation measures

  • Assessment of the costs and benefits of public weather services, such as weather warnings

Finland's web portal is coordinated by the group's science communicator.