Seasonal and Climate Applications

Climate change requires mitigation and adaptation actions from all sectors of society, regardless whether located on public or private side. These actions are especially important for businesses that are strongly influenced by weather and climate, and when planning the long-term investments for the future. The impacts of climate change can already be seen in the short-term weather as well as in the long-term climate, leading to wider need for climate services on these topics.

The Seasonal and Climate Applications group of the Finnish Meteorological Institute is composed of internationally known experts who do research on the post-processing possibilities and usage of different scale weather and climate predictions models. The group is in charge of piloting and developing operational weather and climate models as well as forecast methods, which focus on weather changes and climate impacts. The Seasonal and Climate Applications group is heavily involved in the developing of the climate, marine and customer services of the Finnish Meteorological Institute as well as of the international and operative climate change services of the  World Meteorological Organization, ERA4CS and Copernicus.

The Seasonal and Climate applications group provides tailored services for various sectors. Our focus areas are:

  • information on the variability of present climate

  • climate change scenarios

  • consultation on the use of such scenarios related to e.g. risk analysis

  • educational services on climate change and its impacts

  • development of seasonal forecasts for high latitude purposes

Tailored climate applications can help various users answer e.g. the following questions:

  • How do your operations depend on weather and climate?

  • How does climate change affect your business?

  • What are the risks that climate change brings to your business?

  • What kind of opportunities does climate change offer?