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Climate Change and Extreme Weather

The group studies the regional features of the the past, present and projected climate in Finland and surrounding areas using weather observations and climate models. The research of the group produces relevant information on socially significant weather phenomena and their impacts as well as on changing climate for the policy-makers and the general public. The research projects are mainly funded by the EU and the Academy of Finland but also by the ministries.

The main research areas

  • Natural climate variability and extremes in Finland and surrounding areas
  • Past and projected future anthropogenic climate change
  • Applied weather and climate research supporting various sectors of the society (e.g. agriculture, forestry, energy production and demand, building, traffic, and health
  • Potential of the monthly and seasonal forecasts


Contact information

Head of Group

Dr. Antti Mäkelä

tel. +358 503011988


Achim Drebs

Hadassa Hovestadt

Kirsti Jylhä

Natalia Korhonen

Matti Kämäräinen

Mikko Laapas

Ilona Láng

Terhi Laurila

Anna Luomaranta

Taru Olsson

Kimmo Ruosteenoja

Jani Räihä


E-mail: firstname.lastname@fmi.fi

fax: +358 29 539 3146