Atmospheric Chemistry Research

We are studying reactive compounds and air pollutants; their sources, their concentrations, and their impacts in the atmosphere. These compounds participate for example in the formation of ozone, fine particles, and clouds and affect therefore significantly climate and air quality.

wetland scenery from Northern Finland
One of our research sites is located at the Lompolojänkkä wetland in Pallas, Northern Finland. Photo: Simon Schallhart

Important research topics:

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the atmosphere and their sources e.g. in forests, wetlands, and urban environments

  • New analytical methods to measure previously undetected reactive compounds

  • Total reactivity in the atmosphere

  • Atmospheric inorganic compounds, heavy metals, and mercury

  • Aerosol particles and their chemical composition

  • Metrological research and development of calibration and measurement methods

  • Air quality trends in Finland