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Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling

The group is involved in modelling of atmospheric compounds in micro to global scales. The group develops and evaluates the full range of air pollution dispersion, exposure, and emission models, and other mathematical modelling techniques (such as CFD modelling). The models are used in international and national projects as well as operational air pollution forecasting.



Emphasis on specific research areas

- Computational fluid dynamics

- Accidents involving hazardous materials

- Local air quality modeling

- Regional air quality modeling

- Air quality forecasts

- Environmental information fusion service

- Surveying maritime emissions

- Urban boundary layer network

Contact information

Head of Group Ari Karppinen
tel. +358 29 539 5453

e-mail: forename.surname@fmi.fi
fax +358 29 539 5403



PhD Mia Aarnio

PhD Nina Atanasova

D.Sc.(Tech) Mikko Auvinen

PhD John Backman

MSc Hanna Hannuniemi

Sebastian Heinonen

Dos Antti Hellsten

D.Sc.(Tech) Marke Hongisto

D.Sc.(Tech) Risto Hänninen

PhD Jukka-Pekka Jalkanen

MSc Lasse Johansson

M.Sc. (Tech) Leena Kangas

Dos Ari Karppinen

M.Sc. (Tech) Mari Kauhaniemi

MSc Annemari Kiviniemi

PhD Rostislav Kouznetsov

PhD Jaakko Laakia

MSc Juha Nikmo

PhD Julia Palamarchuk (e-mail yuliia.palamarchuk(at)fmi.fi)

PhD Tero Partanen

MSc Kari Riikonen

Research Prof. Mikhail Sofiev

PhD Virpi Tarvainen

MSc Svyatoslav Tyuryakov

D.Sc.(Tech) Andreas Uppstu

Dos Curtis Wood

Prof Sergej Zilitinkevich