EU- and international projects

National projects

  • Academy of Finland, GHGSUPER, Towards high resolution atmospheric data-based greenhouse gas budgets by utilizing advances in supercomputing

  • Academy of Finland, WINMET, The role of snowpack and soil freezing in controlling winter season wetland methane emissions

  • Academy of Finland, Strategic Research Council, MULTA, Multi-benefit solutions to climate-smart agriculture

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, BioHILA, Precise biomass information for agricultural carbon budget calculations by combining satellite and field data with ecosystem modelling

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, LOHKO-KHK, Towards parcel-specific greenhouse gas calculation: new emission factors and model solutions and updatable system

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, NC-GRASS, Dairy and beef industries in Finland: Progressing pathways to carbon-neutrality by 2035

  • European Regional Development Fund, ViljaPäästö, Turvemaiden viljanviljelyssä syntyvät kasvihuonekaasupäästöt ja vesistökuormitus sekä niiden hillintä

  • European Regional Development Fund, UVIDI, Uudistavan viljelyn osaamisen ja digitalisaation kehittäminen Hämeessä

  • Academy of Finland, Strategic Research Council, CO-CARBON, Individuals, communities and municipalities mitigating climate change by carbon smart green space

  • Academy of Finland, CarboCity, Urban green space solutions in carbon neutral cities

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, TURNEE, Forests on peatlands – solutions for reducing emissions and increasing of carbon sinks

  • Academy of Finland, RESPEAT, Quantifying the potential of boreal peatland rewetting for climate change mitigation

  • Academy of Finland, C-NEUT, Evaluating integrated spatially explicit carbon-neutrality for boreal landscapes and regions

  • Academy of Finland, ForClimate, Managing Forests for Climate Change Mitigation

  • Business Finland, FF2DH, From Footprints to Digital Handprints - Carbon and greenhouse gas budget of agriculture