Environmental information fusion service

FMI-ENFUSER is an operational service prototype, which aims to produce on-demand, high resolution air quality heatmaps describing previous, current and forecasted urban air quality (hourly concentration).

The FMI-ENFUSER (The Finnish Meteorological Institute's ENvironmental information FUsion SERvice) service combines statistical air quality modelling (Land Use Regression), dispersion modelling techniques (Gaussian plume) and information fusion algorithms.

Figure 1: The combination of statistical- and dispersion modelling technigues in ENFUSER. A Gaussian plume -form defines the weights for GIS-data (e.g. land-use pixels). The weighted GIS-data is then applied in a similar manner than in most LUR-based air quality models.


Besides static GIS-information describing the environment, The ENFUSER uses air pollutant and meteorological measurements as input. Moreover, a collection of modelled data can be used in parallel with measurements in the fusion. In fact, ENFUSER fuses all kinds of information available, be it modelled or measured data, accurate or inaccurate, describing conditions near or far away.

Figure 2: Fused air quality output (such as PM10, NO2 and O3 heatmaps), produced from the given input data and static GIS-datasets. The GIS-information is used to describe the environment.


Additional information of the ENFUSER.


The FMI-ENFUSER system is currently providing air quality data for the Testbed of CLEEN MMEA project (Measurement, Monitoring and Environmental Assessment, http://www.cleen.fi/fi/mmea).


Contact information

Scientist Lasse Johansson
tel. +358 29 539 2067

e-mail: forename.surname@fmi.fi
fax +358 29 539 5403