Public Notification

The Finnish Meteorological Institute may issue a Public Notification, if weather situation is not so danger that it needs an emergency warning. The Public Notification is issued through the Emergency Response Centre Agency’s 112 Suomi app. In most cases the information is also available in a red band on the Finnish Meteorological Institute website and FMI's weather application.

For the most dangerous and most extensive hazardous weather situations, the Finnish Meteorological Institute gives an emergency warning, which is based on legislation. The Finnish Meteorological Institute has considered the threshold for issuing an emergency warning high.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has had the opportunity to issue Public Notification which are more moderate than emergency warnings since autumn 2020. In this case, the warning map usually contains the colour red symbolising the most dangerous weather category. The first was given for the Aila storm in September 2020. For example it has been issued on the thunderstorm during midsummer week 2021.

The Public Notification includes information on:

  • Date and time of issue.

  • The hazard zone.

  • The cause of the dander, for example thunder gusts.

  • Instructions such as to follow the situation and go indoors if necessary.

A dark horizon with lighter sausage-like cloud in front of it under a thunderstorm cloud.
A photo of the Aatto thunderstorm in Helsinki on 23 June 2021. The image shows a arcus cloud at the bottom of a cloud, which indicates a strong gust. When seeing this type of cloud formation, seek shelter immediately. Photo: Juha Sihvonen.

The Public Notification is issued using the Emergency Response Centre Agency’s 112 Suomi application. People in the hazard zone will receive a real-time notification (push notification) to their phones. In addition, on a case-by-case basis, the Finnish Meteorological Institute's website and weather application may also display information on the warning in a red band.

The Public Notification are given in Finnish and Swedish. It is also available in English on the website and in the weather application.