International Co-operation

International co-operation is a natural part of the day to day operation of the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

In addition to being a leading expert in several research areas, Finnish Meteorological Institute is also committed to help other countries, especially the developing world, in the development of their meteorological services. We are also an important participant in several international organisations and projects.

Finland is a Member in several meteorological and oceanographic organizations as well as in networks formed between institutes in Europe. The Nordic co-operation in meteorology has a long history and an important role in the development of weather services.

The FMI takes an active part in European and global research and development programmes and we work closely with other meteorological services around the world to  improve their capacity.

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Antarctic operations FINNARP

Finnish Antarctic operations FINNARP is responsible for Finland's research expeditions to Antarctica and the research station Aboa. FINNARP is Finland's official representative of the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP).

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