For the media

The Finnish Meteorological Institute shares information about the atmosphere, the seas and space to support individual and societal decision-making.

Media connections

At the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), each expert can be interviewed on the topics of their area of expertise. Journalists writing a story have also been provided with 24-hour access to up-to-date weather information.

Contact the Institute's Communications to find the right expert. Primary contact for media on 15 – 19th July: Kati Johansson, Juliana Hulkkonen and Sofia Ikonen.

FMI's web services

The Finnish Meteorological Institute's online service offers several useful services and research data on the weather, climate, space and seas. The website also presents our research and other activities. The FMI's theme portals offer up-to-date services and research findings on topics such as climate change and space research We also utilise social media.

Press releases and science news

You can order the Finnish Meteorological Institute's press releases free of charge to your e-mail address Subscribe our newsletter

Press releases published on our online service are available as news feed at:

Media Bank

The Finnish Meteorological Institute's graphic guidelines, logos and portraits for print products or online use can be uploaded from our Media Bank.

Weather services for the media

The Finnish Meteorological Institute provides weather information for several TV and radio channels, as well as for many newspapers and online services. Weather services for television, radio and newspapers