Information on the atmosphere and seas

The information about the atmosphere and seas disseminated by the Finnish Meteorological Institute supports society and individuals in their activities and decision-making.

Media contacts

Any expert at the Finnish Meteorological Institute can be interviewed about topics in his or her own special field. Reporters working on a story also have the opportunity to receive up-to-date information about the weather 24 hours a day.

Contact the Institute's Communications to find the right expert.

FMI's website and social media

The Finnish Meteorological Institute's public website provides various services and research data, for instance, about the weather, the climate and seas. The website also presents the Institute's research and other activities. The Institute's thematic portals offer up-to-date services and research findings on topics such as climate change and Space research We also provide information for social media, mostly in Finnish, on X @meteorologit or @IlmaTiedeYouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Weather services for media

The Finnish Meteorological Institute delivers weather information to several TV and radio channels, as well as many magazines and online services. More information on weather services for tv, radio, and newspapers