An emergency warning is issued when a sudden strong weather event is impending

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has the option of issuing emergency warnings of dangerous weather events. The Institute has issued two emergency warnings: 27.6.2013 and 12.8.2017.

By law, an emergency warning can be issued if the event poses:

  • danger to life or health;

  • the risk of significant damage to or destruction of property.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute issues an emergency warning when

  • the meteorological criteria are met, for instance a violent thunderstorm in summer or high wind associated with low pressure;

  • the warning include more detailed information than an ordinary warning;

  • a strong weather event will hit within the next few hours or there is already information about damage.

The threshold for issuing an emergency warning is high. Before issuing an emergency warning, consideration is given to how many people there are in the danger zone and how exposed they are to danger.

Dark sky just before heavy thunderstorm.
Photo: Timo Anttila

Besides the Finnish Meteorological Institute, emergency warnings are issued by several authorities, including rescue departments, the police, the Border Guard and the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK).

The Finnish Meteorological Institute may also issue a Public Notification if weather situation is not so danger that it needs an emergency warning and standard warnings are not enough.

Where to find the information?

Emergency warnings are issued on the radio channels of the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) and on commercial radio channels operating under a long-term licence. If necessary, emergency warnings are also broadcast on television. On the Finnish Meteorological Institute's website, emergency warnings are displayed on a red band at the top of every page.