The Finnish Meteorological Institute as an employer

The Finnish Meteorological Institute is a competitive employer. Individual employees develop their competence actively and are motivated by their work.

The Institute has approximately 750 employees. The personnel are highly educated. Apart from meteorologists, about half of the employees work at various expert tasks as researchers or, for instance, as operators of the specialised equipment and systems needed for weather forecasting.

Besides people who have studied meteorology at university, the Institute's personnel include chemists, physicists, mathematicians and engineers. They are employed in specialised fields of research, observation services, weather services, information management, product development or administration.

Weather observation and forecasting cover the whole of Finland and operate 24 hours a day. The increase in extreme weather events has made the work ever more demanding. The Finnish Meteorological Institute is a world-class player in its sector, and its tasks are increasingly international in nature. Researchers conduct top-level science in international projects. Cooperation partners exist all around the world in projects focusing on research, consultancy or development aid.

Investing in well-being at work

The Finnish Meteorological Institute provides its personnel with development services, for instance by arranging supplementary training and by encouraging studies alongside work. Academic postgraduate studies are often completed within a research project in a specific field.

The personnel's well-being is a crucial factor for the Institute's success. For instance, supervisors' management skills are developed constantly. The Institute is active in supporting the personnel's opportunities for recreational activities and physical exercise. In addition, the Institute offers comprehensive occupational health care services.

Premises throughout Finland

The Finnish Meteorological Institute's head office is situated at the Dynamicum building in Kumpula, Helsinki. Besides Helsinki, the Institute has premises in

  • Kuopio (Atmospheric Research Centre of Eastern Finland and Aviation and Military Weather Service)

  • Rovaniemi (Aviation and Military Weather Service) and

  • Sodankylä (Arctic Research Centre)