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Product Class: Auroral activity products

Product: Regional auroral activity nowcasting system Auroras Now!

Product description: Auroras Now! Service shows near-real-time auroral images from 5 all-sky camera stations operated in Finland. In addition to the auroral data, the service provides information about the geomagnetic activity level as characterized with the time derivative of magnetic field north component (dX/dt). Auroras Now! shows to its user when dX/dt exceeds a certain latitude dependent threshold value and thus the opportunity to see auroras is increased. High dX/dt values are associated with enhanced Geomagnetically Induced Currents in long conductors (e.g. in power systems or natural gas pipelines) which are addressed in the GICNow! segment of the service. Magnetic field information is available in the service continuously. Auroral images are available during the dark season (from late September to early April) and typically during UT-hours from 17-05.

Cadence: 1 min for auroral data, 1 h for magnetic data

Data source: The MIRACLE network of magnetometers and auroral cameras

Target users: General public, amateur astronomers, companies interested about auroral tourism, industries sensitive to strong variations in geomagnetic field.

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