Satellite Services and Research

In Satellite Services and Research group, we develop services for operational use in FMI, particularly for the Arctic Space Centre FMI-ARC. End-users of the developed services are EU Copernicus, ESA, EUMETSAT and WMO, as well as private companies and governmental institutes in Finland.

Snow extent and mass 19.2.2017 depicting the hemispheric amount of snow on Earth based on satellite data. Photo courtesy of FMI.
  • The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) provides first-hand information about the atmospheric, terrestrial, and marine environments.

  • Space-borne observations of the Earth play an important role, supporting research and operational activities within these core areas.

  • Sodankylä Arctic Space Centre (FMI-ARC) is an excellent base for studying various themes of global change in a northern context.

  • Satellite observations help us better understand the conditions on Earth and provide information on air pollution, amount of carbon dioxide, or the scope of the Arctic sea ice.

  • Our specific research topics and products include:

    • Snow cover monitoring

    • Soil frost in northern hemisphere

    • Sea ice applications of EO data

    • EO Satellite CAL-VAL assets in Sodankylä

    • Auroras in Fennoscandia

    • Flood monitoring

    • Atmospheric monitoring (ozone or GHG)