Polar Meteorology and Climatology

The Polar Meteorology and Climatology group, part of the Meteorological Research Unit, carries out research on meteorological processes, climate, snow, ice and sea in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. The main goal is to achieve better understanding on physical processes and interactions, enabling development of numerical weather prediction and climate models for polar conditions. The work is based on numerical modelling, field measurements and data analyses, and is conducted in international collaboration.

The main research topics are as follows:

  • Changing climate system in the Arctic and Antarctic, with focus on atmosphere – sea ice – ocean interactions

  • Linkages in weather and climate between the polar regions, mid-latitudes and tropics

  • Atmospheric moisture conditions and hydrology; moisture transport between the polar regions and mid-latitudes

  • Inter-annual and decadal variability of sea ice; wind forcing on sea ice drift

  • Monthly and seasonal forecasts

  • Atmospheric boundary layer processes

  • Thermodynamics, structure and albedo of snow and sea ice

  • Improvement of modelling capabilities for polar conditions

  • Observational systems in polar regions

New technology is utilized in polar research.

Researchers in the group