The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is one of the new partnerships supported by the European Commission and Member States. It aims to realize a “web of fair data” and to provide a virtual environment with access to various services supporting open science and the management of the research data lifecycle, from sharing to processing and preserving data. The EOSC will initially focus on traditional research data but will also include research publications and research software. The EOSC will encourage FAIR datasets to be made fully open, and will follow the principle of ‘as open as possible, as closed as necessary’. A large number of Finnish stakeholders, including universities, research institutes, research funding organizations and service providers, are heavily involved in the development of the EOSC at different levels: by participating to the EOSC European Partnership, by providing services, by being active in EOSC-related projects or simply by using the EOSC services.

FMI is involved in several such European projects: EOSC pilot, ENVFRI-FAIR, EOSC-Nordic and the very new EOSC-Future.

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