Open Science Code of Conduct

In our commitment to the pursuit of knowledge, FMI firmly advocates for open science principles rooted in transparency, collaboration, and the unhindered exchange of ideas. The Open Science Code of Conduct serves as a guiding framework, outlining the ethical and professional recommendations for our conduct in the field of open science. These recommendations help us to create an environment where integrity, respect, and innovation thrive, thereby influencing the trajectory of scientific advancement.

Transparency and Openness

  • Sharing Insights At FMI, we favor openly sharing our research findings, methodologies, and data to facilitate broader access and reproducibility within the scientific community.

  • Embracing Open Access FMI endorses open-access publishing and dissemination methods, ensuring that our research output is freely accessible to both fellow researchers and the general public.

  • Transparency in Relationships Our dedication to transparency extends to disclosing affiliations, funding sources, and potential conflicts of interest that could impact the interpretation of our work, thereby upholding the integrity of our contributions.

Collaboration and Engagement

  • Collaborative Spirit FMI thrives on collaboration, recognizing that diverse perspectives and interdisciplinary teamwork are catalysts for innovation and comprehensive scientific understanding.

  • Peer Review Collaboration We value the peer review process, engaging constructively with reviewers' feedback to enhance the accuracy and robustness of our research.

  • Communicating Beyond Boundaries FMI actively engages in science communication, sharing our research insights with policymakers, the public, and non-expert audiences to ensure our work's broader societal impact.

Integrity and Ethical Conduct

  • Research Integrity FMI researchers uphold the highest standards of research ethics and integrity, ensuring that our work is conducted responsibly and ethically.

  • Citing FMI researchers attribute others' work accurately, adhering to citation practices that respect intellectual property rights and acknowledge the contributions of fellow researchers.

  • Responsible Data Handling FMI is dedicated to the responsible handling of sensitive data and proprietary information, ensuring legal and ethical compliance while utilizing such resources for scientific advancement.

Data Sharing and Reproducibility

  • Promoting Data Sharing FMI emphasizes the importance of data sharing, making well-documented research data accessible to foster scientific collaboration and validation.

  • Transparent Methodologies We provide clear and comprehensive descriptions of methodologies, code, and workflows, enabling fellow researchers to replicate and scrutinize our work.

  • Addressing Mistakes Acknowledging that scientific progress involves challenges, FMI commits to addressing and rectifying errors promptly, enhancing the trustworthiness of our research.

Education and Mentorship

  • Guiding As mentors, FMI researchers nurture emerging talents by instilling open science values and practices, contributing to the cultivation of a future generation of transparent researchers.

  • Advocates for Open Science FMI researchers champion open science within our academic and professional circles, advocating for transparency and collaboration to drive impactful research outcomes.