Atmospheric Remote Sensing

In Atmospheric Remote Sensing group, we conduct research on low and middle atmosphere composition and develops applications from satellite observations for environmental monitoring and decision making.

UV index (13 June 2020), retrieved from TROPOMI measurements for a global composite of solar noon UV index of all 14 orbits for the day. Photo courtesy of Jukka Kujanpää, FMI.
  • We also heavily utilize and develop atmospheric modelling and ground-based observations.

  • Special expertise includes satellite-based observations and services of air quality, ozone and UV radiation, and effects of solar activity on middle atmosphere and regional climate.

  • We have a strong role in production of satellite data and long observational time series through European collaboration, including the leadership of EUMETSAT's AC SAF project.

  • The near-real-time services produced by the group are used to monitor e.g. the changes in the ozone layer and volcanic eruptions.