CV Niku Kivekäs

Title Senior Research Scientist
Postal address Finnish Meteorological Institute, PL 503, FIN-00101 Helsinki, Finland
Street address Erik Palménin aukio 1, Helsinki
Phone number +358-50-572 8435

Fields of expertise

  • Atmospheric aerosols

  • Environmental pollution

  • Emissions from ship traffic

  • Aerosol – cloud interactions


  • Cryosphere-atmosphere interactions in changing Arctic climate (CRAICC)

  • Impact of Biogenic versus Anthropogenic emissions on Clouds and Climate: towards a Holistic UnderStanding (BACCHUS)

  • Arctic Absorbing Aerosols and Albedo of Snow (A4)

  • Soot-on-Snow (SOS)

University and other degrees

  • PhD in physics, University of Helsinki 2010

  • MS(Tech.) in Physical Chemistry, Helsinki University of Technology, 2005

Previous professional appointments

  • Post-doctoral scientist at Lund University, Lund, Sweden 2012 – 2013

  • Research scientist at Finnish Meteorological institute, Helsinki, Finland 2005 – 2010

List of publications

Here are listed my scientific publications in refereed journals

19.  Rosenfeld, D., Andreae, M., Asmi, A., Chin, M., de Leeuw, G., Donovan, D., Kahn, R., Kinne, S., Kivekäs, N., Kulmala, M., Lau, W., Schmidt, S., Suni, T., Wagner, T., Wild, M. and Quaas, J.: Global observations of aerosol-cloud-precipitation-climate interactions, Reviews of Geophysics, Accepted, 2014.

18.  Hermansson, E., Roldin, P., Rusanen, A., Mogensen, D., Kivekäs, N., Boy, M. and Swietlicki, E.: Biogenic SOA formation through gas-phase oxidation and gas-to-particle partitioning – Comparison between process models of varying complexity, _Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss_14., 11001-11040, doi:10.5194/acpd-14-11001-2014, 2014.

17.  Kristensson, A., Johansson, M., Swietlicki, E., Kivekäs, N., Hussein, T., Nieminen, T., Junninen, H., Tunved, P., Kulmala, M. and Dal Maso, M.: NanoMap: Geographical mapping of atmospheric new particle formation through analysis of particle number size distribution data, Boreal Env. Res., 19 (suppl. B), 329-342, 2014.

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