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CV Leena Leppänen

Title Scientist

Contact leena.leppanen@fmi.fi

Postal address Tähteläntie 62, 99600 Sodankylä

Phone number +358 406707133

Fields of expertise

  • in-situ snow measurements
  • remote sensing of snow
  • Arctic and Antarctic snow
  • snow physics
  • microwave radiometry
  • optical spectrometry


  • Co-leader of WG 2: Instrument and Method Evaluation, COST Action ES1404: A European network for a harmonised monitoring of snow for the benefit of climate change scenarios, hydrology and numerical weather prediction, 2015-2018, http://harmosnow.eu
  • Pallas-Sodankylä station, INTERACT (International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic), 2017-2020, https://eu-interact.org
  • Arctic Geoinvest, https://www.arcticgeoinvest.com/en/
  • SPICE (Solid Precipitation Inter-Comparison Experiment), 2012-2018, http://www.wmo.int/pages/prog/www/IMOP/intercomparisons/SPICE/SPICE.html

University and other degrees

  • 2012: B.Sc. (astronomy), University of Oulu, Finland
  • 2012: M.SC. (astronomy), University of Oulu, Finland

List of publications

J. Lemmetyinen, C. Derksen, H. Rott, G. Macelloni, J. King, M. Schneebeli, A. Wiesmann, L. Leppänen, A. Kontu, and J. Pulliainen, Retrieval of effective correlation length and Snow Water Equivalent from radar and passive microwave measurements, Remote Sensing, Jan 2018, 10.2: 170.

A. Kontu, J. Lemmetyinen, J. Vehviläinen, L. Leppänen, J. Pulliainen, Coupling SNOWPACK-modeled grain size parameters with the HUT snow emission model, Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 194, 1 June 2017, Pages 33-47, ISSN 0034-4257, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.rse.2016.12.021. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0034425716305004

J. R. Janowicz, S. L. Stuefer, K. Sand, L. Leppänen Hydrology Research Measuring winter precipitation and snow on the ground in northern polar regions Apr 2017, nh2017059; DOI: 10.2166/nh.2017.059, http://hr.iwaponline.com/content/early/2017/04/06/nh.2017.059

Sandells, M., Essery, R., Rutter, N., Wake, L., Leppänen, L., and Lemmetyinen, J.: Microstructure representation of snow in coupled snowpack and microwave emission models, The Cryosphere, 11, 229-246, doi:10.5194/tc-11-229-2017, 2017.  http://www.the-cryosphere.net/11/229/2017/tc-11-229-2017.pdf

L. Leppänen, A. Kontu, H-R. Hannula, H. Sjöblom, J. Pulliainen, Sodankylä snow survey program, Geosci. Instrum. Method. Data Syst., 5, 163-179, doi:10.5194/gi-5-163-2016, 2016.

W. Maslanka, Leppänen, L., Kontu, A., Sandells, M., Lemmetyinen, J., Schneebeli, M., Proksch, M., Matzl, M., Hannula, H.-R., and Gurney, R.: Arctic Snow Microstructure Experiment for the development of snow emission modelling, Geosci. Instrum. Method. Data Syst., 5, 85-94, doi:10.5194/gi-5-85-2016, 2016. http://www.geosci-instrum-method-data-syst.net/5/85/2016/gi-5-85-2016.pdf

L. Leppänen, A. Kontu, J. Vehviläinen, J. Lemmetyinen, and J. Pulliainen, Comparison of traditional and optical grain size field measurements with SNOWPACK simulations in a taiga snowpack. J. Glaciol. Vol.61, No. 225, 2015. doi: 10.3189/2015JoG14J026 http://www.igsoc.org:8080/journal/61/225/j14j026.pdf