CV Lauri Laakso

Title Head of Group
Postal address Finnish Meteorological Institute, Marine Research, P.O.Box 503 FIN-00101 Helsinki Finland
Street address Erik Palménin Aukio 1
Phone number +358 50 5257488
Fax +358 29 5393503

Fields of expertise

  • Observations of atmosphere, ocean and environment

  • Climate change

  • Research infrastructures

  • Atmospheric aerosols and ions

  • Data science

  • Southern Africa, Baltic Sea

  • Management, project management


  • Enabling forecasts on radar performance in marine environment, Academy of Finland (2020–23)

  • JERICO-S3, EU-H2020 (2020–24)

  • JERICO-DS, EU-H2020 (2020–23)

  • SEASINK: Evolving carbon sinks and sources in coastal seas – will ecosystem response temper or aggravate climate change?, Academy of Finland (2018–22)

  • BONUS-Integral - Integrated carbon and trace gas monitoring for the Baltic sea, BONUS (2017–20)

  • Jerico-Next - Joint European Research Infrastructure Network for Coastal Observatory – Novel European expertise for coastal observatories, EU-H2020 (2015–19)

  • Atmospheric measurement capacity building in Southern Africa, Academy of Finland, (2010–12)

  • Interactions between air pollution and snow in the Arctic Regions, Maj and Tor Nessling foundation (2007–10)

  • Air Pollution in Southern Africa, Academy of Finland (2007–09)

  • Environmental health effects of air pollution, Wihuri foundation (2006)

  • Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS) - Baltic Sea (2011→)

  • Construction of Utö Marine Research Station (2011→)

  • Welgegund measurement station, South Africa (2006 →)

University and other degrees

  • 2017: Specialist Qualification in Management ("Johtamisen erikoisammattitutkinto", English degree), Helsinki Business College ltd.

  • 2018: Extraordinary Professor in environmental physics, North-West University, Republic of South Africa (2018–21)

  • 2015: Extraordinary Professor in aerosol physics, North-West University, Republic of South Africa (2015–18)

  • 2010: Extraordinary Associate Professor in aerosol physics, North-West University, Republic of South Africa (2011–13; 2014–16)

  • 2007: Docent (physics), University of Helsinki, Finland

  • 2004: PhD (physics), University of Helsinki, Finland

  • 1999: M.Sc. (physics), University of Helsinki, Finland

Previous professional appointments

  • August 2011 – December 2013: Senior Scientist, Climate Change Unit, Finnish Meteorological Institute.

  • April 2010 – July 2011: University Researcher, University of Helsinki (50%), Finnish Meteorological Institute (50%).

  • September 2008 – February 2010: Visiting Professor in Aerosol Physics, North-West University, Republic of South Africa.

  • 2008: Post-doctoral Researcher, Division of Atmospheric Sciences, Dept. of Physical Sciences, Univ. of Helsinki.

  • 2004–07: Doctor Assistant at the Dept. of Physical Sciences, Univ. of Helsinki.

  • 2002–04: Researcher at the Division of Atmospheric Sciences, Dept. of Physical Sciences, Univ. of Helsinki.

  • 2001–02: Researcher, Finnish Environment Institute.

  • 1997–2001: Researcher, PR-assistant and Research Assistant, Dept. of Physical Sciences, Univ. of Helsinki.

  • 1996, summer: Research Assistant, ALOMAR (Arctic Lidar Observatory for Middle Atmospheric Research), Försvarets Forskning Institut, Andenes, Norway.

  • 1995, summer: Research Assistant, Finnish Marine Research Institute.

Other professional activities

Received in total approximately 2.5M€ competed research funding since 2006; 4 supervised PhD's; Several national and international positions of trust; Consulting and commercial projects.

List of publications

1. Refereed publications

(h-index: ISI 40; Google scholar: 49)

106. Hellén, H., Kouznetsov, R., Kraft, K., Seppälä, J., Vestenius, M., Jalkanen, J.-P., Laakso, L., and Hakola, H.: Shipping and algae emissions have a major impact on ambient air mixing ratios of non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHCs) and methanethiol on Utö Island in the Baltic Sea, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 24, 4717–4731,, 2024. 105. Kok, L., van Zyl, P.G., Beukes, J.P., Burger, R.P., Ellis, S.M., Josipovic, M., Jaars, K., Vakkari, V., Laakso, L., Kulmala, M., ”Factors governing the chemical composition of rain at a regional site in South Africa”,, Atmospheric Environment, 2024

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103. Schulz-Stellenfleth, J., Blauw, A., Laakso, L., Mourre, B., She, J., Wehde, H. Fit-for-Purpose Information for Offshore Wind Farming Applications—Part-II: Gap Analysis and Recommendations. J. Mar. Sci. Eng., 1817,, 2023. 102. She, J., Blauw, A.N., Laakso, L., Mourre, B., Schulz-Stellenfleth, J., Wehde, H. Fit-for-Purpose Information for Offshore Wind Farming Applications—Part-I: Identification of Needs and Solutions. J. Mar. Sci. Eng., 1630,, 2023.

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