CV Juval Cohen

Title Research scientist
Postal address P.O.Box 503, FI00101, Helsinki, Finland
Street address Erik Palmenin Aukio 1, FI-00560, Helsinki Finland

Fields of expertise

  • Remote sensing of snow, forests and floods

  • GIS applications


  • TEKES/New computational methods for the effective utilization of public


  • ESA/NoSREx

  • NCoE/Tundra

  • ESA/SnowPex

University and other degrees

Master of Science (Geomatics), Aalto University, School of Engineering, 2011

Previous professional appointments

Other professional activities


List of publications

  1. Cohen, J., Pulliainen, J., Ménard, C.B., Johansen, B., Oksanen, L., Luojus, K. & Ikonen, J. 2013, "Effect of reindeer grazing on snowmelt, albedo and energy balance based on satellite data analyses", Remote Sensing of Environment, vol. 135, no. 0, pp. 107-117.

  2. Heinilä, K., Salminen, M., Pulliainen, J., Cohen, J., Metsämäki, S. & Pellikka, P. 2014, "The effect of boreal forest canopy to reflectance of snow covered terrain based on airborne imaging spectrometer observations", International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, vol. 27, Part A, no. 0, pp. 31-41.

  3. Biuw, M., Jepsen, J., Cohen, J., Ahonen, S., Tejesvi, M., Aikio, S., Wäli, P., Vindstad, O., Markkola, A., Niemelä, P. & Ims, R. 2014, "Long-term Impacts of Contrasting Management of Large Ungulates in the Arctic Tundra-Forest Ecotone: Ecosystem Structure and Climate Feedback", Ecosystems,  pp. 1-16.