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New information about amines

New information about amines

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has developed a new method to measure amines, which are thought to have an effect on new particle and further on cloud formation.

In the method an online ion chromatograph was coupled with a mass spectrometer, and concentrations of total 7 different amines were measured in SMEAR 2 –station in Hyytiälä.  It was noticed that different amines had different behavior depending on season, temperature and the humidity of air and soil. "For example monomethylamine had highest concentration in early spring, and we suspect that the source could be melting snow and ground" says researcher Marja Hemmilä. "Dimethyl- and monomethylamines had concentration maxima in summer, when the source could be vegetation or light dependent." This study was the longest measurement series that has been made. New ideas for next studies about amine sources in boreal forest were also got from the results.

More information: Marja Hemmilä


Citation: Hemmilä, M., Hellén, H., Virkkula, A., Makkonen, U., Praplan, A. P., Kontkanen, J., Ahonen, L., Kulmala, M., and Hakola, H.: Amines in boreal forest air at SMEAR II station in Finland, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 18, 6367-6380,, 2018.

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