Whistleblowing channel - Report misconduct

Are you an FMI stakeholder or partner? Have you observed any violations of legislation in the activities of the Finnish Meteorological Institute and suspect misuse?

The operations of the Finnish Meteorological Institute are governed by currently valid statutes and detailed internal control and operating principles. The institute is also committed to responsible activities, which is reflected in its strategy. However, it is possible that not all shortcomings in the activities can be detected with control measures. Reporting suspected misconduct through the reporting channel will provide one additional means to ensure the legality of the Finnish Meteorological Institute's operations.

What is this?

Use of the FMI’s whistleblowing channel is based on the act on the protection of persons reporting breaches of Union law and national law (Whistleblower Protection Act), which entered into force on 1 January 2023. The purpose of the Act is to provide effective protection to the whistleblower who, in the course of his or her work, detects or suspects violations of national or European Union laws in the Act’s scope of application, such as in public procurement or information security. Under the Whistleblower Protection Act, protection of the whistleblower includes strictly defined confidentiality obligations and protection from countermeasures.

What matters can be reported?

Reports may be submitted on violations of European Union or national law which:

  • are punishable

  • may result in sanctions or

  • may seriously jeopardise the realisation of public interest.

Reports may be submitted on misconduct detected in the following areas:

  • public procurement excluding defence and security procurements

  • financial services, products and markets

  • preventing money laundering and terrorist financing

  • product safety and compliance

  • traffic safety

  • environmental protection

  • radiation and nuclear safety

  • food and feed safety and animal health and welfare

  • public health within the meaning of Article 168 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, consumer protection

  • protection of privacy and personal data

  • security of omnibus configurations and information systems.

In addition, reports can be submitted on the following:

  • breaches of the rules on the European Union’s financial management or Union expenditure, the collection of Union revenues and funds;

  • violation of the rules governing the granting, use or recovery of grants or State aid;

  • breach of competition rules

  • breaches of corporate tax rules or arrangements for obtaining tax advantages by violating legislation for the protection of consumers.

How do I submit a report?

You can submit a report on misconduct related to the operations of the Finnish Meteorological Institute through the centralised external reporting channel of the Office of the Chancellor of Justice. You can submit a report to the Chancellor of Justice’s Office in writing or orally.

For more detailed instructions and contact details as well as instructions for submitting reports visit the website of Chancellor of Justice's Office.