The Green Office environmental system

Dynamicum, the head office of the Finnish Meteorological Institute in the Kumpula district of Helsinki, is included in the Green Office programme run by WWF. By participating in this programme, offices can reduce their environmental burden, achieve cost savings and slow down climate change. In addition to conducting research into climate change, the Finnish Meteorological Institute wants to do its share in mitigating climate change.

WWF grants a diploma and the right to use the Green Office label to an office whose environmental management system meets certain predetermined criteria. The Helsinki Office of the Finnish Meteorological Institute was granted the right to use the Green Office logo on 26 June 2008.

In accordance with the Green Office programme, the Finnish Meteorological Institute:

  • develops and implements an environmental programme;

  • trains its personnel in environmental issues;

  • sets annual targets, monitors progress and reports to WWF.

Practical work is carried out by the Green Office coordinator and the Green Office team. WWF audits offices regularly to ensure that they implement the Green Office system.

Green office -logo.