Weather, Sea and Climate Service Centre

Division is responsible for weather services for the safety of us all, commercial weather services and expert services. The division is split into three operating units.

  • Weather and Safety Centre
  • Customer Services
  • Expert Services

Weather and Safety Centre

Picture: A. Halas

Weather and Safety Centre produces current and forecasted information about weather, oceanographic situation, climate and major natural disasters in Finland and other countries 24/7 basis.

Weather and Safety Centre is responsible for production of weather forecasts and weather warnings for citizens, media, government agencies, business, civil aviation and military. Centre is also active participant in international co-operation with other meteorological agencies.

Round-the-clock readiness will be raised accordingly for extreme weather, disruptions and other exceptional situations.

Weather and Safety Centre has had ISO 9001 quality management certification since 2004.

Weather and Safety Centre consists of six organizational groups:

  • Aviation and Military Weather Services, Helsinki

  • Aviation and Military Weather Services, Kuopio

  • Aviation and Military Weather Services, Rovaniemi

  • Safety Weather Services

  • Tailored Weather Services

  • Oceanographic Services

Contact information

Director Jussi Kaurola
tel. +358 29 539 4181

Secretary Karita Lesojeff
tel. +358 29 539 3101

Head of Unit Anssi Vähämäki
tel. +358 29 539 2028

Secretary Ulla Backberg
tel. +358 29 539 3816

Meteorological Institute
Weather and Safety
P.O.Box 503, FI-00101 HELSINKI

Street address:
Erik Palmenin aukio 1


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