Questions about Open Data

User support (helpdesk) for open data helps if there is a technical error in the data or if you need help interpreting the data yourself.

You can submit a question using the form below. Before doing so, refer to the links in the instructions mentioned on the page. For questions not related to open data, please use the feedback form on the website which can also be found on the bottom bar of this page.

If you need more advice on how to use and apply open data, we also offer the opportunity to purchase consultation and training on the topic. Please contact us using the open data form below.

Instructions for using open data

You can find answers for many questions from Open data manual and its subpages. All information is not in English, and they are only in Finnish.

You can contact us with regard to open data:

The form below this. Replies to messages are only sent on business days. For most questions, see the instructions above. Use the feedback form when your question is about the website, weather apps, or if you have a general weather question.


It's faster and easier to answer your question if you provide more information, for example which query you use or what kind of data you are trying to download.

If you're downloading observations please tell, if you used the open data interface or did you download observations via our website’s observations download service.