Data sets made available

The data sets will be made available in machine-readable, digital format. The material will be shared in phases as soon as it is technically ready for publishing. The data sets to be made available can be divided into three types: real-time observations, time series and forecasts.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute will share the following data:

  • weather, marine and climate observations
  • weather radar images and lightning observations
  • data for national weather forecasting and marine models.

Real-time observations:

  • Station-specific observations (e.g. observations on wind, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, precipitation, sea level and waves)
  • Weather radar images and location data for lightning flashes in Finland

Time series of observations:

  • Climate observations from 1959 onwards (station-specific daily and monthly values)
  • Sea level observations from 1971 onwards and observations on waves and sea water temperature from 2005 onwards

Forecast models:

  • The latest forecast based on the national weather model, including surface weather data at one-hour intervals for 48 hours
  • The latest sea level forecast
  • Climate change forecasts for the 30-year periods 2010, 2040 and 2070 (model forecast; average changes for temperature and rain)

Observation stations

Operative observation stations