Services to Wind Power sector

Photo: Sari Hartonen

Wind measurements

FMI has long expertise of providing the wind measurements to selected areas. Wind measurement can be carried out at masts or by remote sensing techniques (SoDAR and LiDAR). FMI has done a lot of research about wind measurements in arctic conditions. We use the latest and most reliable technology in wind measurement campaigns.

Wind measurements give a detailed picture of the wind conditions and the changes in wind speed and directions during the measurement period in different heights above the ground level in the study area. In order to obtain a comprehensive understanding about the wind conditions, the minimum one year measurement period is recommended.

Wind potential analysis

Wind potential analysis is based on the wind measurements or Finnish Wind Atlas data.

It is recommended to make the wind potential analysis based on the Finnish Wind Atlas data before carrying out the actual wind measurements. As a result of analysis the first estimation of the wind farm production is achieved and the first financing calculations can be formulated as well as the number and possible locations of the turbines can be decided.

Reliable wind potential analysis based on the wind measurements are important for funding aspect of the wind energy project. The result of analysis may have an effect to the loan period and loan term.

Long-term wind and wind power index

FMI calculates wind power indexes to four selected sites. The indexes are available in monthly wind power statistics (published by VTT and "Wind Energy" published by Finnish Wind Energy Association). Local wind index can give more exact information on wind conditions during the period under review such as mast measurement period or power production period. The local wind index is based on long-term wind measurements or numerical weather model data.

Wind power production forecasts

FMI produces the wind power production forecasts for next days. With the production forecast the power production of the wind farm can be estimated and this data can be used to optimize the stock exchange, grid load, need of substitute energy or optimal time for the maintenance.


Due to Finland's northern location the risk of the icing has to be considered in wind farm projects. The Icing Atlas is tool to estimate icing conditions in terms of wind energy production in Finland. In addition, FMI offers forecasts for icing conditions for next days.

Offshore services

FMI provides services for sea ice, sea level and wave height studies to support offshore wind farm planning. In addition, FMI offers also real time offshore observations and forecast services.

National and international consulting

Finnish Meteorological Institute provides commercial services for the wind energy sector and takes actively part to the national and international research projects related to wind energy. The main activities in the research projects deal with measurements; selecting the representative site and the instruments, data analysis, representativeness of measurement period and wind power potential analysis to selected areas.