Air Quality Expert Services

Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) is the official expert authority on air quality in Finland. Our institute provides impartial research and services with expertise covering a wide range of air quality activities. We carry out research, testing and development of air quality measuring methods and equipment, emission inventories, dispersion models and the chemical analyses of air quality. We offer our expertise world-wide through research, consulting and training.

Photo: Laura Karlin

Finnish Meteorological Institute has an extensive and long-term expertise on assessing air quality in urban, industrial and clean background areas. Our experts offer wide-ranging knowledge especially on areas of meteorology, physics, chemistry, biology and engineering. Basic and applied research in air physics and chemistry ensure the high quality of our services. We work in close cooperation with many other European research institutes and universities.

We develop our services and research methods continuously and with definite aim to improve and provide knowledge on air quality. Our products and services are used by Finnish and international authorities, public sector institutions, municipalities and towns, energy producers and industry as well as leading energy and environmental consultancies.

Air quality services provided by FMI:

  • air quality assessments in urban and industrial areas

  • air quality measurements

  • air quality dispersion modelling

  • calibration of air quality monitoring equipment and meteorological instruments

  • emission inventories

  • air quality laboratory services

Brochure on Air Quality Expert Services

Photo: Antonin Halas