Weather services for commercial shipping

Maritime services of the Finnish Meteorological Institute include real-time observations, forecasts and analyses as well as expert services. The most commonly used services are ice service and water level and wave service.

Professional weather and ice services

The Meteorological Institute offers customized weather services for professional shipping in the Baltic Sea, other European and Arctic seas via the Internet, e-mail or mobile phone. We use the best weather, ice and sea models, satellite and other observation data in service production. We also utilize high-quality weather and sea conditions expertise. Ilmanet is an extranet service to which a suitable service package is tailored for the customer. It's easy and affordable to deploy - you just need a web address, a username, and a password. Through the Ilmanet you can get the latest weather information visualized, in numerical form or as forecast text. The data can also be produced for the client directly from machine-readable interfaces as part of other services. Contact us to open a weather service for your business!

Icebreaker Kontio opening a channel in level ice.
Photo Antti Kangas

Weather consulting

Calling the meteorologist directly the Meteorological Institute gives you the best possible view of the weather situation. Meteorologists can also give support for decision-making on weather-dependent operations. Customer-specific briefing service can also be organized as an online meeting. The briefing reviews the weather situation and its development in terms of customer activity and related decision-making. Also, chat service directly to the weather service experts can be integrated into the Ilmanet service package.

Weather in European sea regions as a text message

Our SMS service provides convenient wind forecasts for all European sea areas. Send message sea + sea area code (eg sea n1) to number 16161, without area codes, also abroad. After a while you will get a two-day wind forecast for your desired sea area. The service works with Elisa, Telia and DNA subscriptions and the price is 0,84 € / message (DNA 0,85 € / message). Sea area codes Other service numbers