Aeronautical meteorological services

Finnish Meteorological Institute is exclusively designated to provide aeronautical meteorological services for civil and military users in Finland (Helsinki FIR)

landing planes in a clear sky
The aeronautical meteorological service quality management system has been certified to the ISO9001:2015 standard.

Forecast offices are located in Helsinki, Kuopio and Rovaniemi. The forecast offices in Helsinki and Rovaniemi provide a 24/7/365 service to users with our Helsinki office as the official Meteorological Watch Office (MWO). - the official source of aeronautical meteorological information

The MET self-briefing portal for our users can be found from where you can find

  • Worldwide weather information needed for flight planning

  • Satellite, radar and lightning observations from Northern Europe

  • Supplementary and unregulated forecast and observation data from Finland and neighboring areas

    • AWS METAR observations (METARs derived to Automatic Weather Station locations, not aerodromes)

    • Mast observations

    • Various forecast animations

  • Several user guides and other background information to support the use of the aviation weather service

Finland Aerodromes Climatology Summaries:

EFHK pdf

EFOU pdf

EFRO pdf

EFTU pdf

EFKT pdf

EFVA pdf

EFKU pdf

EFIV pdf

EFTP pdf

EFJO pdf

EFKS pdf

EHKI pdf

EFJY pdf

EFKK pdf

EFMA pdf

EFET pdf

EFPO pdf

EFSA pdf

EFHA pdf

EFUT pdf

EFLP pdf

EFMI pdf

EFSI pdf