Upgrade to our web service

The Finnish Meteorological Institute's web service has been upgraded. With the reform, we ensure the efficiency, speed and reliability of our site in every weather situation. You will continue to find us, as usual, at en.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi.

Our renewed site viewed on a desktop and a mobile device.
On the left you can see the desktop view of the renewed web service, on the right the mobile version with the same content.

What changes with the upgrade?

  • The layout is moderately renewed – the content mostly stays in the usual, familiar places and pages

  • The main menu operation has changed and browsing the site is therefore easier, but the structure of the site remains unchanged

  • The service is tailored for computer, tablet and mobile devices

  • The front page contains a wider range of newsletters, news, articles and posts

  • Accessibility is better taken into account in both the layout and technical implementation

Wanted features added to the local weather service

  • Possibility to get weather information based on your live location

  • Weather warnings for land areas are visible for the following 5 days

  • Temperature and precipitation forecasts are given for the following 15 days

  • Gust speed is visible in the weather forecasts

  • The link to the explanations of weather signs is more prominently displayed

The online service reform has taken into account the results of a customer satisfaction survey conducted on the website in autumn 2019.

Ensure that your operating system and browser are up-to-date

With the upgrade, the support for some older internet browsers has been reduced due to data security and other reasons. For this reason, some parts of our site may work differently than before, especially on older devices and browsers.

Supported browsers include Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer 11. We recommend you to always use the latest versions of browsers.

When it comes to mobile browsers, we support the latest Google Chrome Mobile and Mobile Safari browsers. Please note that some features of our site may not work in the same way in mobile and desktop versions.

If you experience abnormalities in the operation of our site, please clear your browser's cache and cookies, and make sure that your device's operating system and browser software are up to date.

After the renewal of our web service, it is also recommendable to update your browser's bookmarks.