Finnish Meteorological Institute publishes software as open source code

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has a variety of software that is used in the production, processing and distribution of weather and environment data. The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) is publishing software that is used in the production, processing and distribution of weather and environment data.

The FMI's open source code is intended to support research projects, international collaboration, development cooperation and business in Finland. Potential users and developers include other meteorological institutes, companies operating in the field, and private developers. The extent of the published software will be significant by international standards

As a rule, FMI's software is published using the MIT licence, which sets very few restrictions to how the software is used. The MIT licence permits use of the source code also as a part of closed source software, as long as the original licence is provided along with the software. However, the licence of the software to be published will be considered on a case by case basis with the possible collaboration partners.

GitHub is used for source code management. Please see our account fmidev


FMI has identified about 30 different software. The decision to publish software depends, among other things, on the possibility to separate the software as an independent entity and its potential benefit to the user and developer community.

Already analysed software is listed below. More software will be added to the list as they are analysed or new projects are started.

List of software which are open or has planned release date
Software NameDescriptionWhereWhen
SmartMet Server

High-capacity and high-availability data and product server for MetOcean data
SmartMet WorkstationTool for visualizing and editing meteorological data TBA
SmartMet AlertTool for creating weather warnings TBA
HIMANPost-processing suite for meteorological data
Set of tools for the reading, interpretation, and writing of weather satellite data. Project started by SMHI and DMI.
SILAMGlobal-to-meso-scale dispersion model
RackCommand-line program for processing weather radar data
FMI HPC tools and space weather modelsHPC tools and space weather models
MetOLibJavascript libraries and example applications for FMI Open Data
SmartMet WebSmartMet Web Workstation