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FMI Open data WMS services

FMI WMS service provides visualized observations, radar images and model forecasts.

FMI WMS services are not intended as primary means of accessing open data, and the usage is more limited than for the Download serviceDirect use of the FMI's WMS service for other than evalutation purposes is not allowed because of the high network bandwidth and processing requirements. For example, if you wish to use weather radar data in your web or mobile application, you must first download the radar data using the WFS Download service and then provide the radar images to your application yourself. Also notice, WMS services require same API-key as WFS services.


Information about supported FMI WMS services and layers can be queried by using GetCapabilities request:

XML response for GetCapabilites request includes description about the services and layers that provide the WMS open data. For example, weather and radar services are available and their layers can be requested and presented as images.

For example, part of the weather service's temperature layer description provided by GetCapabilities response is shown below:

<Layer queryable="1">
<Title>Air temperature at 2 m height</Title>
<Abstract>Measured air temperature at 2 m height</Abstract>


Notice, CRS and BBOX information can be found from layer descriptions in capabilites response even if they are not shown above in the partial layer description.

As an example, some of the supported weather service layers:

  • Weather:temperature
  • Weather:temperature-day
  • Weather:temperature-month
  • Weather:humidity
  • Weather:uv-index

As an example, some of the supported radar service layers:

  • Radar:suomi_rr_eureffin
  • Radar:suomi_rr12h_eureffin
  • Radar:suomi_rr1h_eureffin
  • Radar:suomi_dbz_eureffin

You may also request GetCapabilites directly for a specific service by including the service name into URL path. Notice, the service name actually corresponds the workspace name in GeoServer. For example, a request to get capabilites specifically for radar service:


After layer information is known from the capabilities response, the layer image can be requested by including the layer name, CRS and BBOX information into the GetMap request. Also notice, layer names contain information about the service that the layer is part of, for example, Weather:temperature layer name informs that temperature layer is part of the Weather service. The service name is also included into URL path.

For example, weather service:

For example, radar service:



Registration for API-key is required to use open data service interfaces.

Services contain API-key specific request limitations:

  • Download Service has limit of 20000 requests per day for a single API-key
  • View Service has limit of 10000 requests per day for a single API-key
  • Download and View Services have combined limit of 600 requests per 5 minutes for single API-key